La Palma 76
Quality, Commitment, & Community  

About Us

Mission Statement

Our company’s mission is to provide a clean environment, a variety of added services, and outstanding customer satisfaction directly to the end user. Our gas station will attract customers because of commitment to quality, security, safety, ease of use, a one-stop-shop and an atmosphere that is conducive to making the task of pumping gas more enjoyable. We will combine technology with professionalism, integrity and an attitude of ultimate customer satisfaction and to establish ourselves as the most trusted name in our industry. We will hire experienced attendants who will take pride in their abilities to do their jobs efficiently and effectively, where customers will benefit by receiving quality and professional customer service.

Community and Fundraisers

We believe is being a good corporate citizen and helping our community whenever we can. We work with different organizations to help them fundraise. If you would like to use our Car Wash for you fundraising needs, please email

Our Location

The La Palma 76 is located at the corner of Walker St. and La Palma Ave. in the city of La Palma, California.

5482 La Palma Ave
La Palma, CA 90625
(714) 527-4040