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La Palma Express Convenience Store

Welcome to our newly renovated La Palma Express Convenience Store. Our store was completely remodeled in 2010 and is ready to serve your needs. We believe in providing high quality products and services ready at your convenience.

Our commitment is to you and the community.

For those that are in need of a great cup of coffee, we are now serving premium coffee. We offer a varienty of flavors including regular, hazelnut and vanilla. We also have decaf for those of you looking for a great cup of coffee without all the caffeine.

We also have cappuccinos and iced coffee for those looking for a little bit more then the regular drink.

Come try any of our coffees, we are confident you will love it.

La Palma Express Store La Palma Express Store Our store is always stocked with the items you need. We have over 1000 difference snacks and drinks ready at a moments notice. And we're adding new items every week. If you don't see something you like, just let us know.